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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Falling in Love

I always think I am over the top clever when I incorporate the word 'Fall' into titles, all witty and what not. Such a nerd.

This past weekend we enjoyed the greatest part of fall (in my opinion): pumpkin patching!

We were always pumpkin patchers. I felt as though it was my duty in life to partake in all October seasonal festivities, seeing as it's my birth month. But this time around we had a different experience. I want to say it was the best pumpkin patching event of my life! 

Jude enjoyed every single bit of it. You would think a six month old would be like, "cool, orange orbs everywhere, now give me milk!" No. Jude was wide eyed and excited the entire time. We went through a corn maze, sat on a tractor, said hi to all the little animals and picked some awesome pumpkins, all the while he took it all in.
Having a little baby, experiencing all these wonderful things for the first time, makes you slow down and realize how awesome it all is. In the years past, Julian and I would go to a patch, pick out two huge pumpkins and leave. This time around, we were slower, and focused on the details. 

Like stopping to enjoy a ride in a wheelbarrow.

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