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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cold & Sunny

In my opinion the best winter (or late fall) combo is sunshine and chills. The same goes for post snowy days, when you want to enjoy the beautiful white washed world around you, it's always best with a bright, happy sun in the sky.

Today we met with some friends in the park and I was pretty excited about my polka dot socks, peeking out between my favorite ankle boots and forest green pants (nerd fest!) Back to our friends. We've walked with them before, but the kids were still so young that they were not really cognizant of each other. It was so fun to see Jude react to another little baby. Once he got passed the stranger anxiety (which is a completely new thing for him) he started to reach for baby Mai and touch her face. It was beyond cute. She then stood in front of him and squealed with excitement. Baby love!

Who cares what I look like (or my hair rather) in this photograph, the babies are just too freaking cute.

Once we were done frolicking in the park we got to meet Julian for soup during his lunch break. It's always so exciting when we get to do that because it seems like he was barely gone all day (it's the little things in life). 

Jude also got to meet my dear friend Abby for the first time today. So much excitement in one day!

Hope you're midweek was just as fabulous.

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