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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hump Day Stuffs

I can't say it was that eventful of a day. I did get a few errands done and Jude was in a much better mood compared to yesterday. He ate a ton of pureed chicken and quinoa noodles for lunch and absolutely loved it. A full tummy makes a calmer baby.

Lately I've been loving grapefruit in the morning. It's got that tangy edge that gives you a nice kick in the right place. It's my wakeup stuff. Good old grapefruit.

In other news, I feel like I am getting closer to perfecting French hair. I will have to share my tricks (what's that? I've got hair tricks?)

Jude's smiling like, look my mama is rocking that messy 'do! Who would think that achieving stringy, messy hair would be a goal of mine? To be quite honest though, I believe what I am doing is working a thing called "mom hair" and just trying to make the most of it. Again, I will share my very small and few tricks if anyone is interested in knowing them.

What do you all like to eat for breakfast? Are you heavy eaters or do you like to start your day light?

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