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Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Really Here

Walking through the park the other day made me realize something: we get impatient. The moment August ends and September rolls in, we are transfixed on the seasonal change to come. Basically, we run around screaming how much we love the turning leaves and the looming chills. 

By the end of October, we've worn ourselves out, but that's when fall comes, full force! 

I am aware that seasonal changes differ in timing from place to place, but if you live around here, get out and enjoy the foliage! It's gorgeous.

I got to wear my new ankle boots out as well. I really love them. They are beige, and apt to get stained. If anyone has any tips on cleaning suede, do share.
The golden leaves are some of my favorite. They bring a bright, sunshine-like feel to any gloomy day.

See the difference between these two photographs? They were taken on the same day, but you would not imagine those angry clouds are actually above that happy, bright tree.

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