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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tree Time

Last night we ventured off and found ourselves a tree. It's Little House's very first Christmas tree, as this is the first Christmas we spend at home (not traveling to Virginia to see the in laws.)

I think we found a beaut. I want to call her (yes she gives off a female vibe) Fiona. It just seemed like a suitable name for your first Christmas tree.

Taking it home was fun, as taking home any large object in our bug has proven to be. But we managed, without even breaking a sweat or getting a ticket for having an unsafe load (I told my husband that Christmas cheer made it impossible to get a ticket for hauling a tree home).

Even though I don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, I adore the holiday. I mean who doesn't love sparkling lights, tons of glitter and giving gifts?!

After rearranging our living room/dining room for days, we located a spot for the tree and I was not about to go small. I wanted to take advantage of every last inch of our tiny room. No one minds walking around a gorgeous, sparkling tree. That is just not something you hear people complain about. So we went for a good six footer noble with a great fluffy attitude. Fiona is the woman.

We even got to buy our very first ornaments. I lean toward one color trees that are very meticulously matched. I also tend to prefer silver/champagne colored ornaments because my house is a bright orange ball of furry and I feel like all the traditional Christmas colors clash.

But alas, my husband thought I was crazy for not wanting a colorful tree and of course I caved and wanted him to feel like the tree was his too. So we purchased red and green ornaments, with a touch of snowy white glitter (because a girl has to have her meticulously planned tree too, am I right?) We both won!

I think it turned out fabulously. We still need to find the perfect topper though. Let the hunt begin.