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Saturday, November 3, 2012


A little over two weeks ago I turned twenty-six. I didn't really post about it right away, because I don't always feel like discussing things. Sometimes, I just don't have anything to say. 

I'm not the type that hates aging. I don't think I'll ever fib about my age, that's for other types of women. I'm pretty proud of my aging. It might also be the fact that I look sixteen, so I kind of like the shock in people's eyes when I utter numbers they won't believe. 

Twenty-six. It's an odd number. It's kind of like fourteen. It's that age that seems more or less irrelevant. So you're fourteen, you're in year two of being a teenager but you're still a kid. You think, dang it, I imagined I would be SO OLD by now. Lies. Being twenty-six, to me, invokes that same feeling. I imagined a way more "old" feeling. But I definitely still feel like a kid. I probably always will though, it's my disposition.

Back to the weirdness of 26. I feel like I'm lying when I tell people that's how old I am. Mostly because It's new, you know, you have to get used to uttering new numbers every year. But also, being in a sleep deprived, new mom state, I don't have the best memory. Half the time, I feel like I am trying very hard to remember how old I actually am.

So where did I imagine I would be at twenty-six? Honestly, my imagination dropped off at about twenty, so I didn't have an idea of what it would all be like. But let me tell you, I've graduated college, got married, finished my master's degree, and had a baby (in that order). I feel like I've had a pretty awesome 6 years of my twenties. 

I am so thankful for all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing memories I have shared with all the wonderful, beautiful and amazing people that have come in and out of my life through the years. But most of all, I am such a lucky girl to have celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday with the best man a woman could ask for and the joy and love of my life, little baby Jude. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being able to share my first candle blow-out with my new little baby guy. 

Gush fest over!

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