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Friday, December 14, 2012

Documenting Fashion + Thoughts

First of all, I want to extent a prayer to all those families who lost loved ones in Connecticut this morning. I have had a lump in my throat all day about it. It's so wrong that things like this can happen. Hold on to your kids, spread the love, be kind and hope that somehow your actions will help reverse the awful and evil that lurks around us.

I feel pretty stupid going from that to ... fashion?

Lately I have been very much into documenting outfits. I kind of want to make this a thing. Except the moment I have to take myself oh so seriously, I can't. I ultimately end up scrolling through hundreds of "outfit of the day" photographs I make my husband take, miserably shouting that he either sucks at taking photographs or I am horribly un-photogenic. So let's not take ourselves seriously. Let's take crappy Iphone photos, throw in some strollers, little baby's feet, clutter, and maybe even the occasional spit stain.

Finding the perfect loose sweater to go with my furry stole (that my sister is ALWAYS stealing) at the Gap. Red Manolos, 1950's plaid pants and a Gap button down.

H&M dress, tights and Prada cutout platforms (not that you can tell!)

Gap oversized sweater, chambray shirt from BP, Target leggings, Gap fancy socks, Madewell chunky heel ankle boots.

Vintage wool turtle neck and skirt, Forever21 earrings.

Random shop in Midtown, NY fur stole (it was actually a Russian style head piece), AG jeans, H&M sweater, ankle boots from Nordstrom (can't remember the brand).

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