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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happenings + A Little Fashion

Christmas is almost here! I cannot wait, in a major way. And then of course New Years, which I'm excited for because I love making resolutions and feeling like I could totally stick with them, but then forgetting about it all.

Let's start with an outfit I wore a couple weeks ago that I particularly liked. 

What I'm wearing: 1950's vintage sequin boxy top, fancy pants from Anthropology, red suede Manolos.

I was pregnant right when the fancy pants fad hit hard, so, unfortunately I did not feel like I was in a place to rock them big time. Not to mention that they did not make maternity fancy pants, and I was not rubber banding those babies onto my swollen body. So I'm happy to dwell on the trend, until I get my fill of them. 

We hung out with two awesome people this past week (and I had the best parfait of my life, one that I feel the need to talk about for days). Baby J got to meet Elliot, and that was the most adorable thing ever, since he hasn't really been around many babies. They both are tender little guys. Elliot tried to nibble on baby's fingers, and Jude caressed his face and probably tried to pull his eyelashes out, no big deal.

The always and forever gorgeous coffees at Corina...

We also went to a white elephant party this past weekend and got to hang out with loads of fun people. And of course we had to have a three little brunettes photo. My sister is cheating in her six inch heels. Laugh out loud, who does she think she is fooling?!

I also found these adorable flour and sugar tins at Macy's. I think they are the bee's knees. They fit right in with my quirky little kitchen.

And here is a final view of my Christmas tree, looking through a drinking glass (because I'm clever like that). Soon that tree will be down, a new year will come and with it a new tree.

Let me end with another outfit, one that I am quite proud of. Fitting in my skinniest of pre-pregnancy high waist jeans has brought tears of joy to my eyes (if I actually cried all that much, now that the hormones have chilled I'm back to being a dry eyed beast).

What I am wearing: 18th Amendment high waist jeans, Gap loose fitting sweater, fur snood, Louboutin booties, Makeup Forever red lipstick I got as a free sample at Sephora.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!

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  1. all of these outfits are so fabulous! merry christmas, sarah!