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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Double the Denim, Double the Fun

The new year means a new you. Right? Not really. But on that note, I want to try some things I'm normally not comfortable with. For example, outfit posts. I love fashion, more than the average girl. I love to shoot clothes on other people, I feel like I know what to do and what to say to make them look good. When it comes to myself, I am confident in my ability to dress nicely and look good, but as far as capturing a photograph, with me being the only person, the sole focus of that image, I get uneasy. I am extremely critical of myself. For one, I'm really teeny (5'1) but that doesn't mean I can't join the slew of petite fashion bloggers and be like, look I can do it too!

So, in this new year, I want to kick my critic self in the butt and venture onward into the world of outfit documentation. For starters, I needed a photographer (because honestly, when you're the one taking photos and a "not so into it" sister or husband of yours snaps a few of you, you want to rip your face off). So that's where Abby comes in (like her Facebook page here). We both want pretty pictures, so we've decided to meet once a week and do just that. 

What I imagine will happen is that my confidence in posing and all that cheeky stuff will grow over the year and then I'll head over to the Ford Modeling Agency (I capitalized those words like I know exactly what they're about) and get myself a million dollar deal. Duh. 

Until then, enjoy my first round of "outfit of the week" photos (it seems like I can only do things once a week. On that note, look forward to a cake of the week post, very soon.)

What I wore: Hat from the men's department at Nordstrom, chambray top from BP at Nordstrom, Forever21 boyfriend jeans (because who wants to spend money on looking sexually ambiguous?), Vince Camutto heels, bracelets: handmade and vintage.