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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Last Jaunt of 2012

I'm just getting to some of the last photographs taken in 2012. This was a fun day I spent with family strolling through downtown. My brother was in town from Portland, so we went out for some brunch and revisited our old stomping grounds (the local small businesses around our old campus).

I got a veggy scramble at Renaissance Cafe. Jude napped the whole time we ate, while silly/immature boys (hubs and my brother) tried to wake him up the entire time. They did it lovingly, by tickling his nose, or caressing his ear. Needless to say I wanted to punch the two of them (I mean that in the most loving way possible).

If you're from around here and are female, don't ignore Bleach. I always thought it was just a skater style shop for men's clothes, but they have some really cute women's pieces as well. I wouldn't say over the top girly, obviously, but if you're looking for a trendy fedora or a warm and stylin' parka (I and everyone else for that matter are super into them lately). They also have really cute Tom's in fun summer patterns, although it's not quite the season for it, but ok.

I also think the artwork they have hanging around and painted on the walls is super cool. These are Imperial Motion prints (it's another local company!)

We also stopped into Urban Xchange for a browse. It's a cool thrift store run by some pretty cool ladies. I like to sell my lightly used clothes here to put a few extra dollars towards new ones.

I love going through their sunglasses when I'm looking for a trendy and inexpensive pair. I don't know if John Lennon shades are my thing though, if you follow calivintage, you know Erin rocks them a lot harder.

They've always got some cute house ware as well. Oh and they've remodeled their tea room, which I have not seen yet. This is the new sign.

And of course, no jaunt through downtown Tacoma is a true jaunt without passing through one of my favorite former stomping grounds, Hello, Cupcake

It all just reminds me of my amazing days working there, how I miss frosting cupcakes and basically being cute in an apron behind that adorable counter. I want to say this now, every girl should experience working in a beautiful little cupcake shop at least once in her life. Without that experience, you have not lived.

Happy Super Early Monday!

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