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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Out in the Wild

I bet you are really envious of my facial expression in that photograph. Beauty like that doesn't happen every day. 

We did this outfit shoot yesterday in a huge parking lot. There was a nearby batting cage and a whole lot of high school kids feeling really lucky to be witnessing a bunch of famous models going at it for a huge editorial shoot, obviously. It was sunny, but absolutely, freeze your butt of, cold. My face/nose/hands were red for hours after. I also forgot my sunglasses, which pissed me off so much I was angry for the rest of the day. That's a lot of angry. I'm sort of kidding, but seriously.

I ordered these Zara leopard booties, thinking I was being daring. I assumed they would be one of those purchases I would automatically regret. Seeing as they were hugely on sale I just went ahead with it anyways. I adore them. They add the perfect amount of edge to an outfit. They also do not look as cheap as I expected them to. So I was pretty happy, to say the least.

What I'm wearing - shoes: zara, tights: comando, dress: thrifted, vest: thrifted, earrings: vintage thrifted, lipstick: revlon "sultry sable," nail polish: essie "nice is nice."

And here's a video! Ignore the fact that I forgot to type in the brand of the dress in the credits. No one is perfect.

Jeans Vest from Sarah Alisdairi on Vimeo.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

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