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Monday, January 21, 2013

Put Some Pep in Your Step

Do you ever have one of those days where you change your outfit at least five or six times? Today was one of those days for me. I went through so many different combinations until I was completely fed up and out of steam. I start to run late, get hot, annoyed and frustrated and then in the end feel like I can't put a decent look together because of my attitude. I have a theory about these kinds of days. When you feel one coming on, just nip it in the bud. Instead of being extra critical, just leave the house in that first outfit. It just doesn't matter! Because the moment you take that first outfit off, you're doomed.

My lipstick was for another outfit theme, my jacket has a missing button and I packed three pairs of shoes with me to decide once I got to my destination. I adore the jacket, despite it's missing button. 

I felt I had to be honest about all that.

What I'm wearing - shoes: madewell (thrifted), pants: american apparel, peplum jacket: vintage 1940's (thrifted), t-shirt (visible in some photos): target, fur neck piece: no brand (boutique in Midtown Manhattan), lipstick: YSL (name is rubbed off), nail polish: Essie "wicked."

It was freezing cold out, hence me clutching my fists. Who takes outfit photographs with coats on? No one, duh.

All of my photographs (and video footage) are taken by the wonderful Abby Williamson. Check her out here, here and here.

Enjoy this little video I made (making resolutions happen, yay!)

Style Sequence from Sarah Alisdairi on Vimeo.


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