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Monday, February 4, 2013

At the Beach

This past Saturday we made our way to the Washington coast. It was a spontaneous day trip that proved to be loads of fun.

The drive is as beautiful as the coast itself. We've made this particular drive lots of times before, but the gorgeousness always creeps up on me. You go through wetlands, forests and valleys filled with farms and livestock. You also pass by an abandoned nuclear power plant around Elma. It's a bit creepy to me.

You approach Pacific Beach on a winding road. As you take that last turn the view of the ocean waves pops up on you. It's breathtaking.

It was fairly overcast when we left Tacoma, but half way through our trip a hot sun popped out from behind foggy clouds. And boy, what a difference that sun made!

We let Jude walk around in the sand, and that pretty much made his life. It was messy, but clothes can be washed, so you might as well enjoy the moment.

He wanted to eat razor clam shells, sand, rocks and everything in between. Needless to say, some sand made it's way into his mouth. He didn't seem to mind? I can't wait until he has his first pair of wellies. I'm waiting until he is better at walking before I introduce hard soled shoes. It's just something I feel like doing.

We used our wide angle lens, because there really is no other way to capture the coasts grandeur.

I'm still learning with this lens. I have decided I am going to leave it on the camera for a while to force myself to get used to it and learn it's ways. I generally fall back onto my portrait lens because it's so easy to shoot with. Not this time!

We stopped for lunch and ice cream and then continued back onto the beach so Jude could get down and dirty before we headed home.

The sunset lighting was stunning. Oh and, yes, it was warm enough to be barefoot with just a sweater on. February 2nd you did us good.

If you're ever in the area, definitely check out Pacific Beach. It is well worth the drive out.

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