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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Come Ski With Me

I bought this sweater from my all time favorite Etsy seller Dear Golden. She runs the most fabulous vintage shop of all time. I love it for a variety of reasons: it's oversized, warm, soft, the perfect combination of colors (do you ever notice vintage sweaters of this particular style are usually a terrible kitschy combination of colors?) It's basically one of those sweaters that is the opposite of what anyone would call "sexy," and that kind of thing is love. Love happens in sweaters like this. Ok, I didn't mean it quite like that, but you get it. 

So what's this about skiing? Well, this sweater is meant to go skiing. It probably has been several times or more like thousands of times. It's just THAT sweater.

Abby and I decided to shoot at a local apple orchard, mainly because I knew they had this gorgeous wooden structure they use for concerts in the summer. I felt like my sweater went well with the whole wood beam theme. 

This brings me to a rant I must share. Disrespectful young adults. I really don't like you. Why do you find it necessary to vandalize public property?! It makes me so sad to see all those terrible scribbles and fake graffiti all over the structure. Not cool kids, not cool at all. 

It was another gorgeous sunny day. The kind I swear hit the end of February, every year. Maybe this time I'll bet on it, because I am always spot on about this. This being that around these parts, the last several weeks of February bring gorgeous sunshine. It's a pattern I'm going to become rich off of. Ya right.

What I'm wearing - sweater: vintage, pants: american apparel riding pants, shoes: forever21, sunglasses: buffalo exchange thrift, lip color: revlon, some orange shade.

The mood of the day as portrayed by this photograph: 

Jovial, nerdy, the best.