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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daytime Pijamas

There are outfits made for comfort. This is one of them.

These could be pijama pants and that sweater is big and cozy with a zero itch factor. The heels feel like little leather foot gloves snuggling my feet.

Note to flat chested women: if you want to pretend to have boobs, wear an across the chest strap on your purse. I do not, however, want to enhance this feature. Now I know what not to do!

Gig harbor is pretty. If you squint a little (ok, more like A LOT) you could pretend I had my photo shoot on some dock in Southern France. It's all what we imagine, what's real anyways?

What I'm wearing - sweater: the gap, pants: forever21, shoes: vince camuto, purse: vintage coach ($10 estate sale score), earrings: thrifted, sunglasses: buffalo exchange thrift, nail polish: a neon pink by butter london.

Over here I resemble a hunchback midget. That's confidence speaking right there.

 I love my latest estate sale find. I finally got the vintage Coach satchel I wanted and for a major steal. I guess it was fate that I never impulsively purchased one on Etsy. I totally believe in fate.

Happy Tuesday friends!