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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Short Girl, Long Skirt

I suppose a skirt this length is not the most flattering on a woman of my small stature, but who the heck is keeping score? I like longer skirts, because they are more comfortable. There's really no arguing me on this one. They also keep your legs warm, and who doesn't like warm legs?!

It's definitely hard to style longer skirts though. On one hand, you don't want to overwhelm yourself, but on the other, longer skirts go well with draped styles (the layered look). You all were so fond of a photograph I linked in an inspiration post (remember the girl with the white maxi skirt and baggy grey sweater?) That's what I'm going for here, duh.

What I'm wearing - sweater: the gap, belt: goodwill, skirt: thrifted 1940s vintage, shoes: zara, earrings: forever21, lipstick: revlon "wine with everything"

I belted the sweater because I felt it needed a bit of definition at the waist. 

Some things I'm definitely not loving about life as a new mom... scratch that... one thing (or two?) I'm not loving about life as a new mom is (are) the bossoms. Yup, not a huge fan of feeling like a waterbed in the chest-ward regions. But hey, there's always a price to pay.

Oh, also, this is the debut of my ombre hair on the blog! I've had it for a good while now (about a week), so I'm already at the "I have no time to style my hair" top knot phase. I like it. But I think the thing I like most is that in no time, it will be long enough to decide if I want to chop it off and be all natural again. I like to have options.

This day was a bit on the weird side, for no apparent reason. I find that these facial expressions capture my feelings spot on. It's sort of a "Hmm, alright, what the fuuuuu?!" kind of feeling.

Hope you all are having a wonderful almost Friday. Yes, from now on I have decided to refer to Thursday as "almost Friday." Hope you all don't mind, because I like it. 



  1. You are looking so gorgeous in this long skirt...

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