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Friday, March 1, 2013

Beware the Eyeballs of March

Happy March everyone! We made it this far. It seemed like it was a brand new year just a couple days ago. 

What's this about eyeballs? I dunno, go ask Caesar, or Brutus maybe. You know what this has suddenly made me crave? A chicken caesar salad. Gasp.

My goals for this month:

• Have a foodie adventure in Portland
• Go see Michael Kenna's photographs at the Tacoma Art Museum
• Make bagels
• Finish sewing my cropped top
• Spring clean

I try to keep my goals to a minimum, as not to overwhelm myself. Do you ever do that? Write a three page to-do list just to promptly sit down on the couch right after writing it up and do absolutely nothing. That happens to me a lot.

Here's to a wonderful March!

NOTE: I am aware the Ides of March is on the 15th, but you know... It's March. 

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