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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Style A Nerdy Sweater

In the winter and early spring months warmth and comfort are paramount when putting an outfit together. Once the weather starts to warm up, I find I can go about my day with a heavier sweater instead of a coat. 

Here are two outfits put together for Lady Go Lightly Vintage (peach sweater here, cream sweater here). 

When picking out a sweater, I like bulk. An oversized one with skinny pants is my go to outfit. You can see looks I put together around bulkier sweaters here and here.

Some pointers for de-nerdifiying a nerdy sweater:

1) Accessorize. I like to go with chunky, dangly earrings. If the sweater has  a round neck it will work the same way as a statement necklace would on a t-shirt; drawing the focus away from the unflattering round neckline. If the sweater has a turtle neck it will complement the look, and stand out against it.

2) Pair with skinny pants. Oversized sweater + thin legs, a very 1980's look that's always fun.

3) Statement pants make the look interesting. I like to pair a subtle, chunky, nerdy sweater with bold pants. Think leopard, florals or geometric patterns.

4) Heels or platforms will spruce it up. If you want to go fancier and still be warm (say a night time birthday party in the winter months, or a dinner out on the town), pair an elegant chunky sweater with skinny statement pants and a simple platform or pump and you will look and feel great.

I've been pinning some awesome chunky sweater inspiration. Follow me here for more.

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