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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring has Sprung

I am getting overwhelmed with all the gorgeous weather. And tomorrow is supposed to be even better. I feel like I'm spiraling out of control. Being really excited about sunshine and true warm weather is exhausting.

So finally I get to debut my gooey white legs (and birthmark, which previous to this day I would have been a tad insecure about showing off, but now I'm all like [think Joy Behar] "So what, who cares?!")

This is one of my favorite dresses to wear on a warm day. It's silk and flows beautifully. I always feel so proper yet so comfortable in it. 

I do wonder at times how the women of the 1950's managed to keep themselves together though. Between chasing an almost one year old and trying to sit down on a blanket in the grass to eat my dinner, I'm pretty sure I got way too many stains on it. Which saddens me, except I do have the ultimate stain fighting secret (a bar of original Ivory Soap!)

Vintage shirtwaist dresses are the ultimate summer staple. I particularly adore this one because it's a gorgeous color/pattern. It's harder than you would imagine to find the perfect one. If it's not overpriced (because apparently they are very sought after) it's an ugly pattern or a style that is just too costume-y.

What I'm wearing - dress: 1950's vintage // hat: jcrew panama hat // shoes: forever21 // belt: thrifted // earrings: forever21

As you can tell, I went for a no makeup look (because make up + sun makes no sense to me). Although I did add a little cat eye liner to keep my eyes from looking completely dead.

I adore these wedges! So much that I felt they deserved two pictures. They are the perfect retro style summer wedge that is cheap enough to tromp around in, guilt free. Seriously go get them. Comfortable, tall for the shorties, adorable (I got so many complements, all day). It's purchases like these that make me not loose complete faith in Forever21. I think I understand that shop very well: enter with caution, keep a level head (their loud music will get the best of you), stick to good taste/your taste (no matter how many studded, faux leather, cropped jacket vests catch your attention), and run for your life once you've found a few good things.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Photos by Abby Williamson

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