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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Artist in Me

I love taking pictures. Whether it's with my fancy pants camera or my phone, I'm pretty much obsessed. I thought about it for a bit, wondering why. I suppose I'm pretty artistic. I don't like to be all braggy, but I was always good. In fact, I think I don't apply myself near as much as I should in the artistic sense. On that same note, I don't give myself enough credit. I laugh when someone asks me if I'm a "photographer." But then I think about how many photography classes I took/enjoyed/mastered. I did photo journalism, all the film classes I could take and video production. 

So when can someone call themselves a photographer? When they've mastered Photoshop? That, I have not done. Therefore I do not consider myself a "photographer." I'm slow with learning how my DSLR works, and I know how to make photos look pretty, but I am no Photoshop wiz. So I'm not as cool as those wedding photographers that can make any photo look like it fell out of the 1970's.

Back to being "good." I recall being in a children's museum in New York when I was a kid. We were drawing pictures and the instructor went to them to tell them that I was incredibly talented and they needed to enroll me in an arts program to hone my skills. Well alright then. My parents did not do what the wonderful man requested and as a result of their failure I did not become the next Picasso. Shame on them (I'm kidding, in a big way).

I think back to that faint memory of awesome praise and I wonder where that little kid went. I don't draw or paint anymore, but I do take photographs. And while a lot of the time Instagram helps filter them into hipster perfection, being a photographer is about capturing a moment at it's finest. Thinking about angles and framing in a way that draws the eye inward, into that moment. No amount of editing can help a badly executed product.

To bring this rant full circle, photography and writing (I am big into feature writing) are why I blog. But a lot of the times I shy away from writing too much and I don't post my own photographs as often as I should because they aren't as pleasing to me as I want them to be. So we get back to applying oneself, and that I need to do more of.

To all of you with a hidden talent or passion, get after it. 

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