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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Awkward + Awesome Wednesday


• Piling dirty dishes over clean ones in the dishwasher. Extra clean?
• Forgetting the diaper bag, and then watching your son squeeze one out in a corner.
• Looking four months pregnant in very unflattering, green, vintage bell bottoms.
• Your one year old pulling your shirt down in public for a swig.
• The mess in my bedroom from switching seasonal wardrobes (see below for the awesome part of that).
• Remembering being in labor this time last year.


• It's baby guy's first birthday!
• The weather we've been having lately (I feel like a comment on the weather is mandatory in one of these sorts of posts).
• Longer hair (I suppose that could be awkward too, depending on where the hair is?)
• Planning summer vacations.
• Replacing my winter wardrobe with a summer wardrobe.
• Park dates with baby friends (Jude melts in the baby booty swing).

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