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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started early around here. The Mr. had Good Friday off so we got to have a family adventure in the gorgeous weather. We went to the park and admired the awesome view.

Jude got to run wild and loved every minute of it.

^^ Those two! ^^

^^ Now that baby is a walker with a cute collection of shoes, that photograph was mandatory ^^

^^ What I wore: vintage wool shift // red american apparel tights // todd's kitten heel pumps // kate spade shades ^^

^^ The gorgeous view off Ruston Way ^^

^^ This little guy is absolutely fascinated by his stroller and wants to push it all the time ^^

^^ Frolicking on a grassy knoll ^^

On Saturday Jude got to participate in a neighborhood egg hunt. I don't think he really knew what was going on. At first he was more fascinated with the paper cuttings in the basket, than the eggs. Once he realized there were colorful eggs everywhere he would not let go of them. He didn't grasp the concept of collecting them in the basket. He just wanted to hold on to as many as he could, and then run around. 

^^ Playing with the paper in the basket ^^

^^ His two favorite eggs ^^

Later that day we invited a bunch of friends for a spur of the moment picnic. We made lots of tasty food and enjoyed the great company.

^^ My favorite part of the warmer months, my vanilla cake with whipped cream and strawberries (check out the recipe here) ^^

^^ My sister's goat cheese salad ^^

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a fun weekend! He'll "get" the egg hunt next year. My son was the same way his first time, but now he just loves it- and keeps asking me when we can do it again. ;)
    one sweet tuesday.

  2. That's what the BeeBs did with his eggs, too! He didnt want to put them in the basket. He wanted to take all the eggs (what he called "ball!!!") and hold them and run away! Too cute!