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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life Lately

The weather has been pretty glorious around these parts lately (after a week of dreary drizzles). We try to get outside and enjoy nature as much as possible. Even if it's just the front yard. When I say "just" it sounds like we live in an urban area with a fenced in space. We actually have lots of room to roam and a veggie garden to live off of. We are so grateful for the space, but Jude is probably the most grateful these days. I cannot open a door without him shooting past me, clothed or not, barefoot or not. He just wants to get out there, scream "birdie," point up at the trees and feel the blades of grass.

What's most interesting is how much babies really know. I for one look at his little tiny self and don't expect all the things he says or does. We live next door to family, and he knows the exact route to my grandparents' home. He runs through yards, backs down stairs (I am very proud of myself for teaching him that move, brag brag, don't mind if I do), and waddles down little hills, all the while making hilarious cat noises because my grandmother has a zoo of cats that he loves to chase. 

The point of my long winded rant is that I love pretty weather, babies are miraculous and summer is just around the corner. Yes, like most everyone on the planet, that is in fact my favorite season!

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