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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Here's one of my favorite type of outfits: long skirt and platforms. The long, flowing skirt makes life easy and comfortable and the platforms make life a little taller.

I kinda love that I'm short (although I wouldn't mind a few more inches) because I can wear the highest of high heels and platforms and be a normal height. And while tall girls do it too, I think they just look like dinosaurs. On the flip side, I love wearing flats and think they make me look dainty and cute, but if I were tall, I would LOVE wearing flats even more. I think they look great on tall, wafe-ish women.

Did I mention this skirt is very flowy and I love it?

What I'm wearing - top: madewell // skirt: thrifted vintage // platforms & bracelets: forever21 // sunglasses: kate spade

Photos by Abby Williamson

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