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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shrimp Fried Rice

Here we are again, with a one pot meal. Around here, we love fried rice. I'm not entirely sure why, but every member of this family is all about it. Jude loves to pick the little veggies up with his tinny fingers and munch on them, so obviously I make it a lot, seeing as it's so popular.

It's also so easy. You can make it vegetarian, or use whatever meat you want (I usually do chicken, but this time thought I would try shrimp). Come up with a long list of vegetables, some fresh (and ground) ginger, salt and pepper and soy sauce. I keep it simple. I don't like to add weird sauces, etc. 

^^ I like to chose vegetables we have in the garden. Carrots are perfect and collards are amazing in stir fries ^^

^^ I bought some fresh shrimp from the market, it was delicious, and surprisingly enough, I didn't overcook it ^^


- Pre-cook 2 cups of brown rice.
- Saute a generous amount of chopped onions in olive oil. Set aside.
- Add a little more olive oil and scramble 5 eggs.
- Start to sauté each vegetable [I used carrots, broccoli and collard greens] (sometimes I do them one at a time, and other times, I'll add them together). Either way works. Set aside once done. Keep in mind the cooking length of each, for example, cook the carrots a bit before adding the collards and broccoli.
- Saute the shrimp, leave them slightly undercooked. Set aside.
- Saute chopped fresh ginger. Set aside.
- Add a generous amount of olive oil and fry the rice until it starts to turn golden.
- Add the eggs, vegetables and ginger, a generous amount of powdered ginger and soy sauce. Stir, while it all fries on a medium-high heat. Finally add in the shrimp, stirring minimally. Place a lid over the pan to let the shrimp steam a bit. 

Bon Apetite!

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