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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Awkward + Awesome Tuesday

Awkward - 

• Being myself
• Overalls?
• The weather calling for rain, you dressing the part only for there to be no rain
• One arm getting more tan than the other as a result of an open car window
• Getting red lipstick everywhere, because you're one year old can't sit still
• People calling said one year old "she," because he's got a full head of hair. Do you correct them, or do you just let it roll since you're never going to see that person again? I do a little bit of both.

Awesome -

• Mommy and baby matching saltwater sandals
• When they call for rain but the sun shines all day instead
• Getting to make a cake during nap time
• Reading a good book
• Cleaning the whole house before going out for the day
• Small businesses (and passionate small business owners)

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