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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Candy Stripes

Remember when high waist pants were impossible to find? I for one, scoured the internet for the perfect pair of high waisted jeans, and stumbled upon these particular ones from 18th Amendement. Of course, I snagged them up, they were the last pair, in a size I was sure would be a little too tight, but I didn't care because they were high waisted jeans. 

Now that I look at them, two things go through my mind: First, "holy cow I 'fit' in these jeans after having a baby," and two, "they don't have the most flattering cut." I think I would love them all the more if the flare portion was more flared.

Moving on... this top was pretty long. As in, maybe to the top of my thighs, long. About two hours before I went out, I decided to crop it a little. So that I did, by hand, slip stitching nap time away.

I think this length suits it much more. You didn't get to see the longer version, but just take my word for it.

What I'm wearing - shirt: vintage // jeans: 18th amendment // shoes: thrifted // sunglasses: nordstrom // earrings: vintage

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