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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Florals on a Thursday Morning

^^ Cute overload. If I ever have a daughter, you better believe she'll be my mini me. ^^

^^ Dior you've done it again. Ridiculous. ^^

^^ I've been very enthralled by rompers these days. But this floral one? Awesome ^^

^^ What's more floral that a bouquet of flowers? Nothing. ^^

^^ Roses in ice, now that's presentation ^^

^^ Zimmerman bathing suit at Anthropologie ^^

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  1. adorable! ok, i want a mini-me too!!! :) so cute!

  2. oh I want that swimsuit!

  3. I'm loving floral prints for this spring and summer. I'm so excited to share some new looks that I have thrifted on my blog. I'm glad I joined the thrift fanatic link up. Hope you will get a chance to visit my blog as well.