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Friday, May 3, 2013

Front to Back

Some days you just feel a little slower than usual, maybe a little dumber or moodier. Is it the polin in the air? Or is it a female disposition? It's definitely not defined as a bad day, in fact it's the exact opposite. You're having a great/wonderful day, feeling like a smurf. Smurf doesn't describe much, I know. But to me, it's a little, weird, blue creature that lives in a strange world and that should be a mood unto itself. 

On days like that, just wear a dress backwards. And here we have it, a dress that makes absolutely no sense no matter which way you put it. Lord knows my breasts do not belong in that cage that was meant to be front facing. Is there anyone that would be able to pull that one off? You'd have to be a prepubescent boy.

None of that matters, because I thoroughly like it backwards. It's a keeper.

What I'm wearing - dress: asos // shoes: thrifted // belt: thrifted // earrings: f21 // shades: kate spade // lipcolor: revlon "wine with everything"

Photography by Lana Alisdairi

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