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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Healthy Popsicles, From a Concerned Mom to You

I decided to call these "sugarless" rather than "sugarfree" because the latter tends to mean there is some artificial sweetener involved, in my mind.

This post is mostly about the cute pictures of my child. The rest is a no brainer. Fruits are tasty/sweet, blend them up and pour them into pop molds, freeze for four hours and you've got a treat that you're adorable little babe will love on a hot summer's day.

In your fruit pop making escapades you will notice that some fruits taste better in a blended frozen state than others, or than some fruits taste better mixed together than others. It's all a learning experience; trial and error. There won't be too much error though, I can tell you that much.

For example, I noticed that pineapple is a very delicious popsicle fruit. Apple sauce tends to add sweetness, but also gives a certain flavor and texture that can be a bit off putting if paired with, say, mango (you could love the combo, though).

The above pictured popsicles are made with frozen pineapple chunks from Trader Joe's, a couple spoon fulls of apple sauce and a nectarine. They were very delicious.

So delicious your child might want to try them with some dirt. It's ok, dirt's natural!


  1. I have been looking for a good Popsicle making set! Looks delicious. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! The design is perfect and I love this post. I will definitely be following you on bloglovin. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. yum! where did you get the popsicle set?