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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let Your Beach Siren Shine

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I was pretty excited about this retro swimwear editorial, that I shared several days ago, so I decided to make a roundup of the best retro bathing suits out there.

I own several (#4, the black maillot, being one of them). I love the fit of a more figure flattering bathing suit. In terms of a bikini, the high waist makes it more than just a pair of underwear that are socially acceptable to wear in public. With the retro one-pieces, you don't have to be afraid of slippage or showing a little too much. You can be active and elegant like a vintage beach siren.

If you're like me and a bathing suit is more about beauty and fashion than showing off your assets, then these bathing suits are right up your alley.

I also have to share this very random but magical thought. Lipstick has a sun repellant aspect. Don't be afraid to rock a bold red to go along with your awesomely feminine bathing suit. I also want it to be ok to wear heels to the beach, but I'll let that one go.

Hope you all had a wonderful hump day!


  1. Love this! I'm such a fan of retro swimsuits and this definitely helps me narrow my search for the perfect one! Great post and perfect picks!


  2. I'd totally wear #4 myself! Can't do a two piece, no ma'am. But I love the way the vintage inspired suits cover and are SO glamourous!