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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Naturally Neutral

Talk about fabulous colorful walls. Well, we weren't talking about them, but I think it's apparent that I'm always on a hunt for awesome walls to shoot in front of. 

This particular one happened to be in a pretty sketchy side of town, but for we braved it for the sake of an outfit shoot. Weird cars kept driving by, and I'll admit I thought about getting mugged a time or two. Half the time I was comforted by the fact that the camera was not in my hands. Laugh out loud.

So this outfit. This outfit! Let's just say that these pants, while super comfortable and lightweight, definitely win the award for most fupa inducing trousers of 2013. It's a good thing I don't care.

They have this funny little harem pant kind of pleat in the front. You literally have to fold it over in order to button them. Furthermore, they are big on me for some odd reason (I stole them from my sister's closet, and she's teeny). While I relished in the fact that they were pretty huge on my waist, for about ten minutes, I then realized that probably added to the fupa effect. When belted they stayed put and appeared to fit. Winning!

So the disclaimer here is that there is actually a good pouch of air at my crotch, not mom jeans chub.

On a lighter note, I love saltwater sandals and want them in every single color possible. They are tops on my summer sandal list right now. It's also pretty awesome that I can buy a children's size, which means saving a good $10.  The perks of being a little person continue.

When the weather gets warmer I like to let my hair dry naturally. My husband likes to call me a "Rasta," and I'm sure that is offensive to real Rastas. I'm sorry. 

What I'm wearing - shirt: I have no idea, some boutique in Seattle // pants: I believe they are h&m although there is no tag to confirm that // shoes: saltwater sandals // belt: thrifted // earrings: vintage from my great grandmother // sunglasses: kate spade // lipstick: mac

And here is me awkwardly trying to hold a conversation with Abby while she photographs me. I thought it was a pretty good moment for my lipstick.

Happy hump day friends!

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