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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nautical Neon

Living in the Pacific Northwest makes it ok for me to be constantly going on about amazing weather, because such a thing is rare this early into spring. Yes we'll get a sunny day here and there, most likely it's on the colder side. But hitting ninety degrees on the sixth day of May?! Get outta here!

So naturally: neon. It's everywhere right now. I can even find neon items for my one year old son. Which, might I add, are absolutely adorable. The trend may be in full swing, but this girl right here felt it coming almost two years ago, when I made this skirt. 

I could tell you the story of finding this fabric... wait, I am going to tell you the story.

We were visiting family overseas, in a land of fabulous fabrics. My sister was eager to get some silk, for no reason other than the fact that she would probably not see rolls of beautiful silk again for a long time. I had no intention of purchasing anything, because I felt like my growing collection of fabric should not increase. But on a hot evening, in the loudest, bustling bazaar setting, my eyes landed on this neon orange sheer silk and I looked over at my mother and glared. I pointed at it and told the man behind the counter that I would take 4 yards. Something in my soul needed it. When I got home that evening and went at it sans pattern, with a flowy skirt in mind. 

And there you have it, the story of this skirt's life. I'm sure you were dying to know all that.

I did have a hard time deciding how I would style it. Being such a bold color, I felt I didn't want to add to much. I let it hang in my closet for a long while (mostly because I was pregnant when I made it and then needed some time to fit into it). But also because I wanted to get an outfit together that was perfect.

This evening I decided it needed to come out for a prance in the sun. I felt some nautical inspiration, and in sticking to my personal favorite: stripes, I decided a tank would be a simple addition that would not overpower the look any more. I mean, if all else fails, go for stripes, right?

What I'm wearing - skirt: my own creation // shirt: tjmaxx // shoes: miu miu // sunglasses: snagged from my sister's room, I have no idea.

At some point during our shoot, Abby goes "oh shoot, the battery is about to die!" And here is my very appropriate reaction.

All photos by Abby Williamson

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