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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh! It's Thursday

Today we spent the greater part of the day out and about. I'm not one of those people that needs to "get out" to feel sane. I actually feel much more sane when I have quiet days at home. I suppose I'm a homebody. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely had a fabulous time and love being on the go, but in the end there is nothing like getting your sweats on and kicking back at the end of one of those days. Today was not entirely like that, it's almost midnight and I am finally sitting down for some alone time and I plan to Pinterest the heck out of my alone time.

We got to go to the Farmer's market, one of our favorite Thursday activities. I dressed like my usual self, regardless of what the weather was doing, because if you've lived here you understand this, May weather is a time to experience all the seasons, in the span of an hour. So why not just dress for the most fun season, and bring your ski suit along just in case?

What would early spring be without peonies? Nothing at all.

Thursdays are probably my favorite day. You're all excited about the weekend that is coming, or more importantly, the Friday that is coming. Thursday is Friday's cooler, older sibling.


  1. Gahh, your family is so freaking adorable together!!! Love your shoes and sunnies by the way, they look just fabulous and vintagey on you! :)

  2. cute family! and i love love your outfit!