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Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick & Easy Mama Style Tips

More often than not I find myself rushing. Whether I'm headed out to the grocery store, or to meet friends, being a mother has changed my "getting ready" time. While we gladly dedicate every waking moment to our babies, it's important to find time for ourselves. I know, you're all laughing out loud now. Truth be told, I'd rather spend my personal time working out at the gym or taking a shower, so getting ready needs to be quick and easy. But at the same time, I am still one who appreciates being well presented and I have found ways around the lack of time. Being a stay-at-home mom also gives me less opportunities to get dressed up, so I like to spruce up my daily looks on the regular. Below are a few tips I've gained along the way.

Obviously they can be rocked separately, because each will instantly pep up any easy t-shirt and jeans combo.

I find that a bold pop of color works well for instant presentability. Whether it's in a lipstick or a pair of heels (or flats!), it will seem like you put much more effort into getting ready than you actually did. 

When you're clothes are simple enough (striped or white tee and jeans, for example), any color can provide a good amount of contrast.

Unique accessories work in the same way. They bring an instant sparkle to your simple look that creates the illusion of dressed-up-ness. I love vintage earrings, but also like the occasional statement necklace.

A busy mom schedule provides very little time for personal hygiene (obviously it's not as dramatic as it sounds). I never thought a shower would be a treat. For those moments when you have to rush out with that greasy head of hair, a top knot works well to conceal reality a little bit longer. 

Rubbing on lipstick, wrapping up your hair or popping on a bold necklace/pair of shoes can take you from frumpy and boring to stylish and dashing in a matter of minutes. And when you look good, you know you feel good too.

Happy Friday and Memorial Day. Hope you all enjoy your long weekends to the fullest.

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