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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recipe Inspiration

Before having a baby, I was always cooking. Digging up fun, new recipes to try, running to the grocery store and farmer's markets to get the freshest and most unique ingredients.

While there is less time for that nowadays, I still cook. Unfortunately, I find myself photographing the process less and therefore posting less recipes. Also, who really wants to see a boring daily recipe? That goes through my brain, until I realize it's boring to me and probably not so much for my readers.

I stopped my cake of the week posts because I did a sugar free month, and so there was no point in making a cake, which actually didn't really end up that logical since a lot of the time, I'm not the one who consumes the cakes I make (not for a lack of deliciousness, but the process satisfies me more than eating it in the end).

Moreover, with Jude eating real food, everything seems to be about what he can eat and what I want him to eat. For example, I am not big into giving him refined sugar. So, I find myself pondering and making loads of naturally sweetened recipes (with fruits, etc.) For example, this mango ice cream I shared last week. I do believe this is a great thing to share, as so many people are looking to indulge with less/no sugar.

Anyhoo, I get on Pinterest and start to pin all these amazing sounding recipes, just to get bogged down in the overload. So, I figure if I make a clean list of what recipes I want to try each week, it will become more attainable. So here goes, and we'll see how it actually goes.

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