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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Little Things

Lately I've been wanting to make sure I don't forget the simple things. Like finishing sewing projects and reading a good book. 

Life can get quite hectic. And while I find myself less and less on a computer during the day, I still feel that the relaxing, calm, "make your brain think" kinds of activities are forgotten. 

I may have stated this before, as a resolution for the new year, but I will repeat it once more. I want to make an effort to relax and spend some calming time screen and rush free.

Moreover, I want that quality. The feeling of finishing a good book and gaining some quality knowledge from it, or making my own outfit knowing it's quality surpasses that of any cheap, mall store bought ensemble. I want to fill each day with quality. 

Today I made sure that vision became a reality, and it's off to a great start. I dug back into a forgotten novel and came very close to finishing my latest sewing project. It feels great to focus some effort onto myself. 

Happy almost hump day! 


  1. taking time to slow down is so important. life gets so fast

  2. I haven't finished a good book in ages... I am dying to pick up a good read and get lost in it!