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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Traveling Dancer

I was instantly drawn to these imagines of Amanda Noorgard by Marco Trunz for the latest issue of KURV magazine.

I love the impromptu vibe these photographs give off, despite being clearly styled and posed.  

There is a subtle and romantic glow that captures the essence of the subway, almost as though she is not alone, but surrounded by all the hoards of travelers, uninterested in one another, preoccupied with their own lives as she is, with her graceful poses. 

These photographs also capture that voyeuristic moment in the subway we all experience at some point. Looking in at her through the glass of the train, the reflection glaring back at us. One could see her simply by chance, as they gaze forward, or they could be an interested onlooker, amazed and possibly experiencing a "love at first sight."

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