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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Summer Road Trip

The East Coast is another planet, compared to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up all over the place, so I can't say I am one of those "settled in their ways" people, but I definitely love to point out the differences from place to place.

I love the warm, muggy weather. Most people will now decide I am clinically insane, but I truly love that skin softening heavy air. I don't care that it curls my hair up and makes my entire body damp, there is something about it.

On the other hand, when I step back into the (southern) East Coast world, I feel like I've stepped into a time machine. Obviously I am generalizing, big time, and this differs from place to place, but as a rule I find myself grappling to find a grocery store I deem suitable or an organic produce section. In general I feel like the West Coast is just a lot more up to date with green living.

Regardless of all that, the drive from Virginia to the Outer Banks is always fun. This time around we took loads of stops and got to enjoy the scenery all the way down to Hatteras.

What I'm wearing - shirt: club monaco // skirt: vintage ralph lauren, thrifted // shoes: saltwater sandals // necklace: thrifted

Like I said, the muggy weather does wonders for curling hair. I try not to fight it and just give in with messy milk-maid braids.

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