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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Be A Damn Fancy Bug

There are various questionable elements in this outfit, that got me thinking. Well, let me first explain what I mean by "questionable." For one, high waist pants. The great debate on high waist pants: are they flattering (lengthening your legs) or are they not (fupa!), continues and the answer is, WHO CARES. Because honestly, if you love them and rock them hard, chances are you are going to look like a rockstar in them. Frankly, nothing else matters. Secondly, bug eye sunglasses. Definitely not the most forgiving on my face, but again, who really cares? I like them. They work for my moment and I feel like I look like a damn fancy bug in them, so, yet again, nothing else really matters. Lastly, the wooden platforms (aka the shoes my father hates). They make me six inches taller than I am, and for that I am grateful.

So now to the bit about all of the above getting me thinking. It's more of the same ramble but I need to have it heard. I've had occasions where people who are dear to me advise me that a certain item of clothing or a certain photograph is not flattering, insinuating that it probably should not be shared. And that's where me and my dear loved ones have differing opinions. While I go through my photographs and select those I find to be most appealing, I want to be honest at the same time. So yes, I will chose a quirky photograph that makes me look insane or fat at times, because I have no issue with that and neither should anyone else. 

And there you have it.

You didn't know about the new "wrap your legs together" modeling trend? Get with it kids, I'm a real model, I know these things.

And then there is the photo bombing toddler. I will let this cutie photo bomb my modeling sessions, any day.

What I'm wearing - jeggings: american apparel // top: tjmaxx // shoes: f21 // sunglasses: thrifted


  1. I think you're rocking the high waisted pants and bug eye sunglasses, haha! And omg, can we please just take a moment and appreciate your wooden heels? amazing!


    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the positive vibes :-)

  2. This whole outfit is just amazing! I personally love high wasited jeans and bug eye sunglasses too. I found it funny that your dad hates the wooden heels. My dad hates when I wear oxfords so much. Lol


    1. Haha! Yes my dad goes crazy when I wear them. Yours doesn't care for oxfords? It's so funny... dad's opinions and all. They have such quirky ones. And thank you so!

  3. I would totally wear this. I love the sunglasses and the shoes! Would never have guessed they were from f21! I want!