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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Casual Friday

I'm not confused, but very aware that it is Sunday. This outfit was worn for some evening shenanigans this past Friday.

That being said, now I can go on about the second wearing of these Zara heels and how they have done me good. I'm a firm believe in expensive shoes. You know, treating your feet right, etc. But when it comes to cheap shoes, my one rule is that they must be leather (upper at least). It's a fool proof way of knowing you're not going head first into the land of Payless blisters.

I walked, ran up hill and danced in these and they have shown me no disrespect. So I say, go forth and purchase, interested friends.

One thing I should advise (or maybe this is just relevant to me), when rushed-ly deciding what to wear, don't leave the tank top that was meant for the sheer blouse, that you decided not to wear, on with your very simple t-shirt. It gives the illusion of thickness. Double down next time.

Sometimes my fly looks like it's unzipped when it actually isn't. You win some, you lose some.

What I'm wearing: t-shirt: tj maxx // jeans: f21 // shoes: zara // earrings: mod cloth // clutch: ancient louis vuitton

Because kicking one leg up is not enough.

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  1. Love your sandals. They're so cute with your jeans!