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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lemon Bars (continued)

My brother loves lemon bars, so I decided to make some using this recipe, because it's epic. The crust is a seriously delicious butter cookie (essentially you could make the crust alone into little bars if butter cookies are your jam). The lemon is perfectly tangy, and overall, the bar is not too sweet at all. This tends to be the lemon bar issue for me, they are overly sweetened to compensate for the fact that lemons are bitter. I much prefer an honest to goodness sweet & sour lemon bar than one who's sugar is overpowering it's lemon.

A few notes: my crust is much thicker this time around. I suppose I did not consider the size of my pan. While they still tasted just as good, I think next time around I'll try a 9" pan.

And since that last post was lacking on the photography I thought I would add some for the record. 

^^ That's what crumbly looks like ^^

^^ Press down with your fingers ^^

Bon Appetite! 

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