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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life Lately

The weather has been gorgeous and I think I can safely say summer is here. We've been spending quite some time in the kiddie pool, alone and with little friends. Kiddie pools are pretty much always a hit.

^^ He likes to scoop up the water with the measuring cup and drink it. Yum ^^

^^ My favorite treat since yesterday, frozen peppermint patties ^^

We did quite a bit of gardening yesterday. I planted this pretty purple flowering bush. I think it's called a "Hebe." It also had "Patty's Purple" on the tag. I'm not very familiar with it, but it matched the requirements (an evergreen bush) and so I got it.

^^ Jude thought he would help by chopping some wood ^^

^^ I also planted a little hydrangea bush, which as of this morning was nibbled on by some evil hydrangea eating deer! I am quite upset. If anyone knows how to keep deer from eating up their plants, let me know ^^

A bit of shopping (mostly browsing) was done in the past couple days as well. I'm currently lusting over the above pictured Fendi heels.

^^ And these Karen Walker sunglasses. I know they aren't exactly new news, but I always thought they were an overwhelming shape. They may still be, but I am kind of in love with them ^^

What have you all been up to? Link to your "Life Lately" posts in the comments!


  1. i'm definitely loving those sun glasses!
    i've been in a photoshop coma the past couple of days redesigning my blog, but the end of may was super splendid for me.

  2. hehe Love the first picture and the "hey girl" caption. : )