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Friday, June 7, 2013

Top Knotting For Dummies

Not everyone can top knot, so I thought, why not. Yes, I'm clever.

The most basic 'I don't know what to do with my almost greasy hair today' hair style is in fact, the top knot. Easy, breezy and stylish.

For those of you who sport them on the regular, you know, everyone has their top knotting trick. Some of you will put a high pony and then tease it to get extra volume, others may use the sock bun technique (or one of those doughnut things from the checkout junk pile at H&M, which I tried and didn't love).

I don't necessarily need the extra volume, sometimes I prefer having a little roll. So here's how I do it. 


Flip over and comb my hair into a pony tale with my fingers or a brush (if I'm getting fancy) as high as it will go. Some of you may want to tie this pony up for extra support, I don't need that. It's just an imaginary pony tale to start my bun off.

// STEP TWO //

Pull your body back up (in case you forgot) and twist the pony your hands are holding together, around like a cinnamon roll, holding the center in place.


Make sure to straighten all hanging hairs at your neck up to pin


Tuck the tips under the roll, still holding the center and pin into place. I like to use a couple of the longer bobbi pins versus a lot more little ones.

And there you have it. A top knot for an easy and fresh look, when your hair isn't completely worthy of being let down.

Happy Friday all!

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