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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Endless Summer Party

This past weekend we threw a girly flower crown garden party with a Lana Del Rey twist. And as with most girly parties, it just seemed like one huge photo op. One fabulously fun photo op that is!

As a side story to this multifaceted party, my sister is currently about to open her flower crown Etsy shop (sorry I don't have any links or details right now). All of the crowns pictured will be for sale, sooner than later. If anything, this party serves as a pretty darn good lookbook for her gorgeous crowns.

If I didn't emphasize this enough (the photos kind of give it away too), we decided to go over the top with girly-ness. We made and hung tissue pom-poms, filled vases with mismatched flowers, served hot dogs on a crystal cake stand and hung an ornate mirror for vanity's sake.

And when night fell, the lights started to twinkle. By far, my favorite part.

Having all our lovely friends, flower crowns, lights, poms and all around girlishness in one place made for an epic evening. Here's to many more!

All photos by me, except #10, #28, #29 (by Abby Williamson)

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