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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fans of Summer

The hippie within my soul won't take this dress off. It worked too well for a hot summer evening watching Campfire Ok play with friends. 

The flowers on it remind me of pretty Japanese fans.

On first glance the print didn't strike my fancy, it was the style of the dress that I saw working. It's basically a comfortable mumu that I knew I could belt to spruce up.

Now that I look at these photographs I think the color and print are pretty captivating.

I am especially pleased with it because, for some reason, I can add accessories without feeling over accessorized. You would think the opposite with such a bold print, but having an arm full of heavy gold bracelets seemed right to me. 

 What I'm wearing - dress: vintage thrifted (retrospect tacoma) // belt: vintage (vanity fashion boutique) // shoes: sam edelman // bracelets: f21

I've been dreaming about road-tripping down to Southern California and with those dreams came an awareness that this would be the perfect road-trip dress. Loose and comfortable for sitting through long hours in a car, but instantly updatable with a belt kept close for any restaurant or thrift store stop along the way.

Yup, I've got it all figured out.

^^ Potentially the most awkward pose of my life ^^

I debated only wearing two of the above bracelets, but then my husband's voice went through my head "keepin' it 300" and I knew I had to rock the three together. I don't know what to link for you guys to understand that phrase (I personally don't fully get it myself), so just Google it!

Lately, I've been wearing my mother's old rings instead of my own wedding band. The pearl one was her high school graduation gift and the other was a gift to her from my father back in the 70's.


  1. You are right the dress is very captivating. Great color and print as well. I love the sandals you paired it with as well. Very cute ♥

  2. New follower and also live in the same area :) We went to the concert at the apple orchard too, although didn't get to listen to the music very long as my kid wanted to play.