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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Can't Even Flamenco

Oh today. I was in the strangest of moods, hence making the decision to have a weird frowning graffiti face behind me. Not sure if it worked out quite like I imaged it should have. 

There's a lot of red going on over here lately. One would think it was my favorite color. It's actually one of my least favorite colors, oddly enough. But for now, I'll just say Lady Go Lightly has the 'mean reds.' 

That being said, I'm in the most flamenco-ish dress in the world, but I'm not down with that saucy kind of dancing, I can't even salsa. The more important point here is, this is the most comfortable dress known to man, or my closet...

^^ Next time you're posing like this, remember not to squish your arm fat ^^

What I'm wearing: dress: vintage thrifted // shoes: prada // earrings: f21


  1. giiiiiiiirrrl!! you're rockin that dress!

  2. Okay I usually hate red too but that dress looks gorgeous on you especially with those earrings!