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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spruce Up on a Budget

Lately I have been working extra hard to spruce things up around the house. We are redecorating, which involves new paint and refining other details (throw pillows, curtains, etc.) Being in the mood for change can become costly, so I found some inexpensive ways to add unique details to our new look (nothing major has been done yet, I will be posting about that later). 

I wanted to bring a little green inside with low maintenance plants. Hens & chicks + other succulents are a fool proof way to liven things up. They are extremely easy to plant and literally take no/minimal effort post potting. 

I went to the Goodwill and found some mismatched small pots (not all are actual pots, obviously). I spent under $10 for these. You could scout estate/yard/garage sales or your own/a family member's home (get creative: tea cups, silver sugar bowls, tumblers, ashtrays, candy bowls...)

I then went to a local garden shop and purchased a couple succulents. I spent about $6 total (be sure to as for potting soil that works for cactus, etc.)

I wanted to be sure I had my vases before purchasing what would go in them, because having a plan always helps minimize failed projects.

The potting process is fairly simple and straightforward (i.e. dummy proof). I pulled out the plants, separated them by their roots, filled my containers with soil, pressed them into the soil in whatever arrangement I pleased and then trickled a little water over them. Pretty easy!

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