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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Packing Tips

I've got obsessive compulsive tendencies when packing, I was taught to be organized and pack efficiently from a young age. We traveled a lot and were a pretty huge bunch, so there was zero tolerance for extra bags and unnecessary clutter. 

I have some basic rules when I pack for a trip that help in making sure I'm looking my best on vacation.

One of the most important rules is only packing items as outfits. If you plan out the outfits before packing them and stick with the plan while on vacation it just makes life a lot easier. That being said, be sure to fold the pieces of each outfit together so that it's easy to grab. I don't want to waste time trying to pick out what to wear when I could be enjoying my vacation, so sticking with this method allows me to pick an outfit I already know works and go with it.

Another element of outfit pairing that is important when packing is one piece that can pair into several different outfits. For example, pack a skirt that will make more than one outfit depending on how it's paired. And then organize those items together.

For the summertime I enjoy bright colors, fun patterns and textures and mixing and matching all of that. Try to pack one type of the above listed items without overdoing it or being redundant. For example, only pack one striped tee, rather than one in every color. 

When it comes to accessories, it's important not to overdue it. Keep things simple so you're not lugging three hats around or a whole bag full of jewelry.

Only take one hat, because you're going to have to wear it on the plane or else ruin it in a suitcase. If you're going to the beach, give yourself some room to buy a cute wide brim beach hat while you're there.

With jewelry, try to have one item that is very special and a statement and another that is more neutral (meaning it goes with everything). If a clear crystal-y pair of earrings is neutral to you, like it is for me, then that works.

Having variety in terms of bathing suits is important for a summer trip. Sometimes I want to be a little more covered up so I like to pack a one piece and a two piece. That way I don't feel forced to show as much skin when I've got a chubby day (you know how that feeling fluctuates throughout the month!) And don't forget a bathing suit cover up. I like to be creative with cover ups. This time around I found a lacy vintage night robe with a frilly collar. Be bold and adventurous with your cover up.

No matter where you're going and how hot it might be, always pack a pullover. I call summer-y sweaters pullovers, because they are light but provide enough coverage if it's too sunny or it's a windy, breezy night.

Shoes can be an issue because you want certain ones for each outfit but they are the most cumbersome item to pack. Try to find pairs that match with all your outfits. Also be sure to pack variety. Flat sandals, flat closed and heels, for example. If you're a workout addict, don't forget your tennis shoes!

When packing shoes, always use shoe bags to keep your clothes clean. Stuff the toes with tissue paper so they keep their shape.

That brings me to the point of organizing in bags. Keep your shoes bagged to keep your clothes clean and pack your undergarments and socks (smaller items) in separate bags to keep them together and easy to find. 

Once all your outfits have been paired, fold them nicely and in an organized manner, keeping outfit pieces together place them in the bag like puzzle pieces. Use shoes as fillers, putting them between the clothes and in the corners.

Happy traveling!

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