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Friday, July 19, 2013

When Life Gives you Limes

Give me this door please. It's pretty darn perfect.

Let's talk about neon and tans. Am I the only person who notices that neon makes people look at least ten times more tan than they actually are? It reflects onto your skin, that's my guess. 

So tan obsessed blond girls, wear neon!

This dress is one of those pieces that needs to be perfectly put together, otherwise you could hate it. When it's paired just right in an outfit, it's love.

It's very comfortable and forgiving in a sense. I thought it wouldn't be so forgiving on my height though, but I have no qualms with the length. Love that it's not shorter, actually.

What I'm wearing - dress: trouve // shoes: zara // clutch: goodwill // earrings: 1950's vintage

^^ This is my Beyonce look. Top knots, they rule the world ^^

Can you believe this Goodwill find? I can't. Three ninety-nine, kids, for a patent leather, fit everything but the kitchen sink in, jumbo clutch.

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